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The Hydracoat Systems is a great opportunity for anyone seeking to own an affordable low overhead business in the automotive industry. Hydracoat Systems is now available nationwide for Territory development. By becoming a State or County operator you can make what you want and work when you want. You may expand or stay a one-man operation, it’s up to you.

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How it Works

True Craftsmanship

Hydracoat Systems is the ultimate auto package set up! It is an easy to apply system that camouflages chips, nicks, scratches and enhances the appearance and value of automobiles. Applying the 4-easy step process cosmetically and chemically disguises chips, nicks, scratches and enhances the appearance and value of automobiles. And it is environmentally friendly!


The Future is Bright

Hydracoat Systems’ products are second to none. You have seen or experienced the dull pitted yellow lens on vehicle headlights. With all the products and services available in the automotive industry there should be a product to fix the lenses that last but there was not one, until Hydracoat Systems. The Hydracoat Systems solution does not coat the lens but rather resurfaces the light housing bringing it back to factory and giving it longevity. As the cost to replace headlamps rises – we at Hydracoat Systems are so confident in our process and product that we guarantee them for life.


Hydracoat Systems Works

Unmatched Quality

More and more the automotive industry is using polyurethane claddings on vehicles. These claddings tend to fade over time and turn whiteish in color. The Hydracoat Systems can bring them back to life with longevity. Even if the plastic is damaged, our process can fill and retexture the cladding back to factory like new appearance.

Exclusive Opportunities

If you are looking to go into business for yourself, or are an entrepreneur seeking a profitable investment, Hydracoat Systems offers you a turn key business opportunity. The system is easily learned, not physically demanding and environmentally friendly.

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Until recently the option for repairing vehicle scratches and stone chips have been limited, costly and time consuming. Auto Dealerships can now maximize profit and increase revenue through your sales, parts, body shop and service departments with the Hydracoat Systems Dealership package.

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