Exclusive Opportunities

On average, one Hydracoat Systems service done on a full vehicle requires 45 minutes and you may charge from $65-$150 per job. The breakdown is 5-10 cars a day works out to $1,000 to $3,000 weekly. The system is scalable to your earning potential and how aggressive you want to be.

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The Difference is the System

Hydracoat Systems is a Great Business Oppurtunity

What Do I Get?

With your one time, low startup fee Hydracoat Systems guarantees you exclusive rights to product protection in an area designated to you. You’ll receive a full trailer filled with equipment and supplies. We will train you to confidently apply and work the system. When you enter your territory, you will have everything you need to begin your business with confidence. You also have the rights with your territory to expand with employees or independent units. At Hydracoat Systems we want YOU to be successful, you will have our highly-experienced support staff team at your disposal.

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What's The Market?

The primary market for Hydracoat Systems is new and preowned automotive dealerships. Not limited to just dealerships, it is also perfect for auto auctions, fleet services, rental car agencies, recon shops and private vehicle owners.

The Investment

For example: We estimate the average expenses per week for each unit (excluding salary) is around $300. This includes supplies, Insurance, monthly territory fees and any vehicle payments you may incur. Please keep in mind that state laws and state taxes vary from state to state.

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